Danny. Legend. God. (2021)

Inspired by the movie Man Bites Dog, director Yavor Petkov was also able to look to the corruption in his native Bulgaria when he made Danny. Legend. God., saying “Of course, the vast catalogue of outrageous examples of corruption in Bulgaria and beyond helped greatly with the script. It provided markers for me to know what would be too far fetched. For example, if it happened in real life, then I knew I should tone it down from 11 to 3 or 4, so it looks just about plausible on screen.”

The titular Danny has agreed to be the subject of a documentary on money laundering, a subject that Petkov also knows well, working in the field of money laundering prevention for a decade. However, he soon tells the crew to forget their script and to just follow him. 

Soon, Danny (Dimo Alexiev, who this pictures depends upon; luckily he’s an incredibly strong actor) has chased away the reporter who has come for his story, leaving the cameraman and the boom operator to follow him through an increasingly more upsetting day in his life.

Who is Danny? A gangster? A politician? A club owner? A dancer? All of these things? Who shaves their chest with a straight razor and has a bust of themselves on display in their home? What kind of person openly sniffs coke, aardvarks prostitutes and urinates all over the place when they know the camera is running?

This is a film where you’re either going to go for the ride and love or love to hate its subject or the entire enterprise will just turn you off. Here’s to the filmmakers for creating something so in your face.

You can learn more on the official Facebook pageDanny. Legend. God. will be released on demand in the U.S. on July 20.

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