We All Think We’re Special (2021)

A night of reckless drinking compels Ed, a car mechanic, to forcibly detox his best friend Charlie — no matter what the cost — in this film from Kirby Voss (who directed and co-wrote the movie with Felicia Stallard.

As Charlie sleeps off last night’s drinking, Ed goes through the home and pours out all of his alcohol. The reaction is worse than you’d expect, with Charlie hitting every target on his friend, even taking great pains to make fun of his sexual orientation.

It doesn’t get any better for Ed.

Jarden Bankens (who was Darkness in Words on Bathroom Walls) as Ed and William McGovern as Charlie bring so much to this movie, which they have to, as they are the only characters on screen for most of its running time. You buy that they are friends at the same time you sense the hopelessness of their situation. The film uses its sound and split-screen views to repeatedly slam you in the face with the sheer pain of this intervention.

This is a bleak film and may not be for everyone, but if you want to see an interesting take of addiction and mental health, this is for you.

We All Think We’re Special is available on Amazon Prime.

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