Detroit Metal City (2008)

Soichi Negishi may be a shy young man who loves pop, but he’s found success as the demon known as Johannes Krauser II, lead singer of Detroit Metal City. He hides his anger over never getting further as a normal musician behind this character, but is slowly becoming Krauser.

He’s in love with Yuri Aikawa, who enjoys his old music and hates Detroit Metal City. But is the lure of huge crowds and being rock star the goal or will it be true love?

Based on the manga and anime, Detroit Metal City was a blast. Directed by Toshio Lee and starring Ken’ichi Matsuyama (L from the Death Note films), it’s silly but isn’t that the point? And Gene Simmons is awesome as the Emperor, a metal god whose last show in Japan is about challenging Detroit Metal City.

I think if you like metal, you’re probably going to like this a lot more than people who aren’t into the musical form. But hey, I can barely hear any more, so what do I know?

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