BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Capriccio Veneziano (2002)

You’d be forgiven if you think Venetian Capriccio is Desire, another Bruno Mattei — Vincent Dawn this time — softcore romp in which an American girl comes to Italy to learn the art of music and spends more time learning the language of the aardvark.

Our lady this time is Roberta (Emily Crawford, an adult actress whose mainstream acting career consists of this movie and another Mattei film, Belle de Moirre), who has come to Venice to teach music when she runs into an artist named Lorenzo (Gualberto Parmeggiani). Before you can say “Cinemax After Dark” he’s taking her to nightclub orgies and having her genderbend and make some tourists nervous.

But is it love? Or just cazzo?

This movie also has a very 60s attitude toward relationships, with Roberta giving her boyfriend Riccardo to another teacher named Luisa as well as her also making some horizontal music with her female friends Anna and Letizi.

With a name that literally means go with the flow, this is pretty much Mattei doing that, finding a genre that he can make some money in. His heart never feels in these gauzy romantic films, as if he sadly wants everyone to devour one another and not just as part of foreplay.

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