Oblivion 2: Backlash (1996)

Written by comic and Star Trek writer Peter David and the sequel to 1994’s Oblivion, this Full Moon movie has a great cast, I’ll give it that much. There’s Andrew Divoff coming back as Jaggar, along with Musetta Vander as Lash, Richard Joseph Paul as Marshal Zack Stone, Jackie Swanson as Mattie Chase, Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame member Isaac Hayes as Buster, Julie Newman as Miss Kitty (simultaneously a Batman and Gunsmoke reference), Twin Peaks giant Carel Struycken as Gaunt, George Takei as Doc Valentine and Romanian singer Nadine Voindrouh as Josephine.

There’s a new bad guy in town, however. Sweeney, a British dandy who is the deadliest bounty hunter in the universe (played by Rex Manning, err, Maxwell Caulfield) has come to Oblivion to bring Lash to justice. This character originally appeared in David’s DC run of the Star Trek comic book.

While this was shot at the same time as the original, troubles between Full Moon and Paramount Pictures led to this movie being delayed. As this was the end of the studios working together, the third movie in the Oblivion series was canceled.

You can watch this on Tubi.


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