Her Name Is Cat (1998)

Cat (Almen Wong) is a professional killer falling in love with a policeman named John (Michael Wong). John feels torn between his job, his ex-wife and child, and Cat, whose life is anything but simple.

Clarence Fok, who also made Naked Killer, directed this and to be perfectly frank, he’s making his version of The Killer, but featuring Almen Wong looking stylish as she kills everyone in her way. Also — one of the kills is totally ripped off from The Omen.

You may look at this poster and wonder, “Why is this scene not in the movie?” This is how movie posters should work, creating something that you need to watch just to see that image come to life.

Like kaiju movies, this film has really boring moments of human interaction that serve only to give you time to rest in-between moments of stylized violence. Less people, more bullets, I always exclaim.

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