Method Man (1979)

Also known as The Fearless Young Boxer and Avenging Boxer, the name of this movie lives on in Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man, who was given that title by their leader the RZA.

It’s directed by Jimmy Shaw, who also directed Fists of Fury 2 and Return of the Tiger. It was written by Ching Kang Yao, whose resume includes scripts for movies like One Armed Swordsman Against Nine KillersFists of Bruce Lee and Secrets of the Chinese Kung-Fu.

While on a fishing trip, Shao Lung (Ji-Lung Chang) watches as his father is murdered by Wu Pa Feng (Casanova Wong). He joins his uncle’s traveling circus where he begins to study the fighting styles that will enable him to one day have revenge.

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was an early Jackie Chan movie, because it certainly wants you to think that it is. That said, Wong is awesome as the killer, making his way through the world to murder a list of fighters and earning the enmity of our hero. If only it didn’t have so much comedy it’d be a much better movie.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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