Crappy Mother’s Day (2021)

Sarah and James (Kristen Krak and Addison Anderson) are in love, the kind of love where you start talking about living together. Then, the world that Sarah has built for the two of them falls apart, because her mother, the woman that she’s always told him is dead, just so happens to show up and be completely and utterly alive. Whoops.

Her mother, Totie (Jackie Debatin, who played Elizabeth the Stripper in three episodes of The Office), along with her one-eyed partner Dimpy (Bill Rutkoski, who also wrote this) seem more like children than Sarah. Perhaps even scarier is that Totie is about to have another baby. This reunion brings the entire family — including Grandma (Vivien Landau, Shiva Baby) — for that most matronly of holidays, Mother’s Day.

You can guess from the name of this movie that things don’t go oh so well, right?

Director, producer and editor Dan Karlok is a vet of Law and Order, worked for 22 episodes as a best boy and 44 as a gaffer. He also directed Joan Rivers: Exit Laughing and Sid Caesar: On the Language of Comedy.

Rutkoski brother Mike — who wrote Baby Frankenstein — plays one of the weird uncles, Donny, while another sibling, John, plays yet another uncle named Lenny. This is one out there family, as they’re given to randomly recreating Planet of the Apes as part of their holiday celebration.

We get more horror than comedies sent to us, but if you’re looking for a break from all the mayhem and a funny way to spend the holiday with or without your mom, check out Crappy Mother’s Day, which is available on demand from Uncork’d Entertainment. You can learn more on the official Facebook page.

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