Sensation (2021)

Andrew (Eugene Simon, Game of Thrones) is looking for the truth about his family history, giving a secret government agency his DNA in order to discover his ancestry. He soon discovers that his grandparents participated in a super solider-like program and that he’s inherited powers locked within his DNA.

Then he finds out that he’s not alone.

Now part of a group of other super powered individuals, Andrew is placed in a series of increasingly stranger situations designed to push his emotions and powers while also using him to control the emotions of others.

This movie feels like it wants to be a darker take on The X-Men, but doesn’t hit the target that it’s aiming for. Instead of using the comics and movie — as well as several other films like The Matrix — as inspiration and going its own path, this feels rudderless.

It’s a shame because it looks gorgeous and well beyond its budget.

Martin Grof has only made one other movie, 2019’s Excursion, a thriller about “a 1980’s devoted Czechoslovakian communist party member visiting his future self in London to make sure Socialism still prospers.” That sounds like something I should check out after this. Actually, I’d keep an eye of Grof, because there’s something there. Hopefully, his third effort finds it.

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