Sins of the Fleshapoids (1965)

John Waters claimed that this movie showed him what an underground movie was, so we have Mike Kuchar to thank. This is the first film he made without his twin brother George, financed from his day job as a photo retoucher. It actually paid off well enough that he was able to become a filmmaker.

A million years in the post-nuclear war future, androids called Fleshapods fulfill every desire human beings have, making them even lazier than now. Two of them, Xar and Melenka, have decided to fall in love and woe be to any human who gets in their way. Also, there’s a prince and a princess who have fallen out of love just as our heroes discover that robots certainly can find romance.

Keep in mind that all of this futuristic magic is being told inside an apartment, with a soundtrack of slowed down records predating the chopped and screwed aesthetic, with word balloons appearing on screen for some of the dialogue. Space pilots with football helmets, nude princesses with Christmas ornaments, male on male longing, snack food that somehow makes its way to a million years from now, neon everything and the gaudiest make up this side of a drag show.

The end of the world has never looked so fabulous.

You can watch this on Daily Motion.

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