Teen-Age Crime Wave (1955)

I have many movie loves, but seriously, juvenile delinquency movies are where it’s at.

A Columbia stock actor and dialogue director, Fred F. Sears made a ton of movies, starting with the Charlie Starrett Westerns and Blondie series. He also made the Blackhawk serial and worked as a steady contract director for notorious cheap producer Sam Katzman, who knew how to make money for the movie companies. Sears directed Rock Around the ClockDon’t Knock the Rock and Earth vs. the Flying Saucers — and many more — before he died in the washroom of his office at the young age of 45.

Jane was an accessory at a robbery and just needs to serve out her juvenile sentence. But her cellmate Terry’s man Mike (Tommy Cook, who wrote Rollercoaster) violently gets them out of young people jail. So they do what any teenage criminal would do on Thanksgiving. They hold a family hostage and everybody pays the price.

The youngest teenager in this movie was twenty-five at the time of filming. So there’s that. Look, if you’re a gangster and you bust your lady out of the joint, I think you should legally be able to kill anyone she flirts with. Them’s the law.

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