I Accuse My Parents (1944)

James “Jimmy” Wilson (Robert Lowell) is up on charges of manslaughter. How does he plead? Well, when he speaks for his defense, he has one thing to say: “I accuse my parents.” That’s because despite the award he won for the essay about how great his home life is, the truth is that their house is filled with empty bottles and blow-out arguments.

Jimmy then falls for a tough girl played by Mary Beth Hughes who happens to be the main girl of mobster George Meeker, who ends up setting him up and then trying to kill him. Jimmy finally finds God and a good job working in a diner before going to turn himself in and, along the way, being involved in the mobster’s death.

The judge decides to not send him to jail but to live with his parents again, which is how we got here in the first place.

At the end of the movie, we’re informed that the production company is paying all costs to send the film overseas to entertain our brave men fighting World War II. This is perhaps the worst thing done to an American soldier.

Director Sam Newfield, who also made Lost Continent, made so many movies that he also directed under the names Peter Stewart and Sherman Scott so that people didn’t think he made so many films. He made around three hundred movies for about $500 a pop, which didn’t make him enough to pay for his gambling. At one pint, he was so destiutute that his brother Sigmund Neufeld, the head of PRC Studios, took care of his gambling debts and gave him an apartment.

You can watch the Mystery Science Theater riff of this on Tubi or get the original version on the Internet Archive.

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