Kitten with a Whip (1964)

Ann-Margret was supposed to be the next Marilyn Monroe, but to fully live up to that idea, she’d have to make something other than musicals like Viva Las Vegas and Bye Bye Birdie. So what she ended up making was a movie that Brigitte Bardot turned down.

Politician David Stratton (John Forsythe) has his wife leave home for the weekend and wakes up to an escapee from a juvenile detention center named Jody (Ann-Margret) asleep in his daughter’s bed. How’d she get out? Oh, you know, she just stabbed someone and set it all on fire.

There ends up being a trip to Tijuana and no small amount of violence at the end of this movie. That makes sense, because the hotel that these scenes was shot at is the same one that Psycho was filmed at. Speaking of recycling, it also uses the music cues from Touch of Evil.

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