She Should Have Stayed in Bed (1963)

You gotta give it to Barry Mahon. Not only did he make movies with gorgeous women, he did it alongside his wife, Clelle. She often worked in his script and continuity department, which is pretty funny if you’ve ever seen one of her husband’s movies.

The story itself is pretty simple: a New York-based shutterbug takes nudes of the tenants of an apartment building while waiting for a pin-up model to show up. That photographer is played by Michael Baron, who would go on to produce I, Robot.

This movie had censorship problems in New York and wasn’t released in theaters there. There’s a wild reason why: nudity was allowed if it showed up in everyday activities, which is why so many nudist movies had people playing sports and doing things. This movie just had a guy shooting pictures of women, which isn’t the kind of life most people are used to.

Mahon’s women in this movie were Jane Day, Faith Gilbert and Irene Charles, who all are also in Mahon’s 1,000 Shapes of a Female, which leads me to believe that both films were shot at the same time. Gigi Darlene (Bad Girls Go to Hell) , and Alice Denham (Susie from the Olga series) are also in this.

Can sixty-five minutes of scantily clad women be boring? Watch this movie and find out.

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