Cuban Rebel Girls (1959)

The last filmed appearance of Errol Flynn was not a major Hollywood movie, but instead a strange piece of B-movie propaganda directed by Barry Mahon and starring Flynn’s lover at the time, Beverly Aadland, who was seventeen at the time that this movie was made. A year after this, her boyfriend William Stanciu died after a struggle between the two of them over a gun and she was made a ward of the state. This would also be her last film, although she did appear in some documentaries made about Flynn.

Errol Flynn plays Errol Flynn, who has arrived in Cuba on behalf of the Hearst Press to write about Castro and the Cuban rebel girls. He then also meets Beverly (Aadland) and Jacqueline, who have raised $50,000 to give to the rebels to purchase weapons.

After the making of this movie, Aadland got into a brawl with Flynn’s second wife, Nora Edington, at her birthday party. Nora claimed that she took exception to Aadland calling the actor elderly. For what it’s worth, he looks exhausted in this movie and would die of a heart attack two months before its release.

So yeah. A pro-pre-Communist Castro Cuban movie with a major star who narrowly beat statutory charges having an underage relationship with one of his co-stars, as directed by the man who would bring us Confessions of a Bad Girl and Run Swinger Run. This is why I have a web site.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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