Come True (2021)

Anthony Scott Burns, who directed the “Father’s Day” part of Holidays, directed this story of Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone), who has dealt with nightmares to the point that she avoids sleep by hiding in public parks. However, a sleep clinic offers her an opportunity to escape her the terrors that confront her at night, but then things only get worse.

Instead of Sarah getting the answers to finally getting the rest that she always wanted, instead she’s become the key to something dangerous. There’s a shadow figure that keeps showing up when Sarah is part of the sleep study and simply seeing an image of this when she’s awake drives her into a panic attack.

The most frightening thing about this movie is that sleep paralysis is an actual phenomenon and the shadow figures are a reported part of what those that suffer from it see.

There’s a dark synth score playing under all of this and a twist ending that’s either going to please you greatly or make you enraged for wasted so much time watching this. It feels like there isn’t going to be an in-between because it’s pretty audacious.

You can learn more at the official site. Come True will be available in theaters and on demand on March 12.

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