The Flaming Teenage (1956)

Irvin “Shorty” Yeaworth was born in German, became a singing star on Pittsburgh’s KDKA, made more than 400 religious and education films, and near the end of his life, was planning on helping to build a theme park called Jordanian Experience at the Aqaba Gateway.

That said, he’s probably best known amongst maniacs like you and me for directing The Blob.

Originally filmed in 1945 as Twice Convicted, new footage was added eleven years later and this was re-released, telling new audiences — or those duped into seeing it again — all about Fred Garland, a small town boy whose trip to the big city introduces him to booze and women of loose morals. Before you know it, he’s on the dope, shoplifting for money and by the end, happy to go to jail and get away from the life he’s been leading.

Movies like this are why it took me so long to do drugs. I was convinced that with just one inhale that I would become an addict, selling my family store and living on the street. Then I realized that my family did not have a store. Also, I was high.

You can watch this on the Internet Archive.

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