Maryjane (1968)

Once, when I was a kid at the roller rink, we had to wait to get inside for a few minutes and some kids were smoking cherry flavored cigars. I was sure they were marijuana and went home in tears, telling my parents. I was a narc. A nine-year-old narc! And I blame movies like this.

How weird is it that this warning about the dangers of drugs movies was made by American-International Pictures, the same studio that made The Trip a year before?

Maury Dexter also made The Mini-Skirt MobThe Young Animals and Hell’s Belles for AIP, which are less preachy than this one, which at least has Fabian in it as a teacher who everyone is convinced is hooked on the pot when its really his students. Speaking of bad kids, Patty McCormack is in this. She belongs to the Maryjane club, who all have their own buttons, along with an incredibly young Teri Garr. I have to say, I do love that the kids in this aren’t sneering maniacs. They’re nomal students.

I’ve never met an art teacher who also coaches football and my dad was an art teacher, so I should know.

That said — this was written by Dexter and Peter Marshall. Yes, the same guy who hosted Hollywood Squares.

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