Donna: Stronger Than Pretty (2021)

Across three decades, Donna (Kate Amundsen) is trying to live up to the traditions and expectations of her Italian family while striving for the American Dream.

Directed by Jaret Martino, who co-wrote along with DonnaMarie Martino and Pat Branch, this is the story of a woman escaping domestic violence and discovering the inner strength to start her life over again.

Yes, DonnaMarie is Jaret’s mother and this is her story. Co-writer Branch said, “My first words to Donna were, “I’m not here to judge your choices. I just want to tell your story as authentically as I can.” She allowed me into the deepest, darkest, most intimate corners of her psyche and I tried to exploit that privilege without sensationalizing it.”

This is not always an easy watch, but a sober reminder of what life is like for so many women. It took a lot of bravery — and no small amount of talent — to bring it to the screen.

Donna: Stronger Than Pretty premieres on all major streaming platforms February 23 from Gravitas Ventures. You can learn more at the official site.

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