REPOST: Uçan Daireler Istanbulda (1955)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Originally posted during our Turkish movie blowout — this one was originally on the site on September 13, 2020 — Uçan Daireler Istanbulda is a great example of alien women descending on our planet and fits in so well this week. Enjoy!

It’s 7,296 miles from Ankara to Mexico City, but you’d never guess it by this film, known in our tongue as Flying Saucers Over Istanbul.

In the same way that Mexican films like La Nave de los Monstruos and Conquistador de la Luna see the worlds beyond ours, this movie feels like it very well be a primo de Turquía of that psychotronic film familia.

Perhaps we can lay the blame or the thanks at the feet of Kenneth Arnold, who made the first publicized — well, you know, unless you count the Bible — sighting of what he called flying saucers on June 24, 1947. Before you could say B movie, they were the de facto villains of nearly every black and white science fiction movie coming out of Hollywood, which meant that other nations would not be far behind.

Much like so many of my favorite movies — Cat-Women of the Moon, Fire Maidens from Outer SpaceAbbott and Costello Go to Mars, Missile to the Moon, Amazon Women on the MoonQueen of Outer Space and El Planeta De Las Mujeres Invasoras — a planet full of women have decided that human men would be the best way to repopulate their dead mudball.

There’s also a secret club of old women that two of the men want to sell the Fountain of Youth that the aliens just so happen to possess, as well as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator played by Mirella Monro, a robot that makes the el Roboto Humano look like a James Cameron-directed piece of gleaming tech and more belly dancing than I’ve ever seen in one movie before. In short, this movie is everything you never knew you wanted and then even more of that.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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