Agent Revelation (2021)

Also known as Agent II, this is the story of an ancient dust that controls humans getting unleashed. However, Jim Yung (writer, director, producer and star Derek Ting, who also made the 2017 film Agent that this is the sequel to) gains superpowers from the red dust, which will come in handy, as Earth is currently in a secret war against the  Kinians, a race of evil aliens.

That’s when he meets Alastair (Michael Dorn, Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation), an AI firm owning billionaire who has created his own private army to fight the aliens that we’ve already seen stop a guy named John (also from Agent) and killing the farmers that he’s controlling. He plans on training Jim to be his greatest soldier.

This movie gets a ton out of its budget, with scenes that look like first person shooters, massive use of bullet time and some good fight scenes. I kind of dug that the aliens are here for the mana that humans use to power their fighting skills. It’s a metaphysical lizard alien fistfight movie and you don’t get too many of those.

This is available on demand from Quiver Distribution. You can learn more at the official website and Facebook page.

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