The Rise of Sir Longbottom (2021)

Pocketman and Cargoboy — from 2018’s Pocketman and Cargoboy — and Section 62 are back to face the threat of the 155 IQ man, Sir Longbottom.

This has been described as a kung fu adventure, but I wouldn’t go expecting Tony Jaa.

Beyond the name Longbottom, this movie has some similarities to the world of Harry Potter, as its young teens learning how to protect the world in a hidden school. It also has plenty of Spy Kids influence.

The weird thing is, this seems like a kids movie and then characters get beaten and bloodied and even killed. It gets pretty dark pretty quickly when it starts so light hearted.

That said, director and writer Clay Moffatt has worked hard for the budget he has. My only major pet peeve is that for a movie with such a short running time, this has about eleven minutes of credits.

The Rise of Sir Longbottom is now available on demand.

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