Deadline Auto Theft, aka Gone in Sixty Seconds III (1983)

This second and final film in H. B. “Toby” Halicki’s Gone in 60 Seconds trilogy is a meta-fiction piecemeal effort that incorporates the opening chase scene from The Junkman (aka Gone in 60 Seconds II), which chronicled the making of a car chase picture; thus Deadline Auto Theft is the “movie” that was being made in The Junkman. Adding to the meta: since this film is the actual “sequel” to 1974’s Gone with 60 Seconds, this is also marketed in other quarters as Gone in 60 Seconds II. And if it all looks familiar that’s because this is a trimmed-alternate cut of 1974’s Gone in 60 Seconds with footage from The Junkman cut into it. And Hoyt Axton, for the sake of continuity, returns from The Junkman for new scenes.

“You got that, B&S reader?”

“I think so. Is there at least a plot or is this just a lot of racing around?”

Well, there’s a little both.

Watch the chases and crashes.

After the theft of his whiny future son-in-law’s priceless Bricklin (Dan Grimaldi of Don’t Go in the House fame), LAPD Captain Gibbs (Hoyt Axton; who was an “actor” in The Junkman, but a real character here, based on his role in The Junkman, ugh.) declares an all-out war on master car thief Maindrian Pace (H. B. “Toby” Halicki); meanwhile, Pace avoids capture to fulfill a contract to steal 40 cars.

That’s basically it: a rewrite of all the chases by plane, by car, and by helicopter — and the ensuing crashes — that you know and love, shot and edited to the tune of $1 million. And it made bank via the drive-in circuit and VHS shelves. And it’s awesome.

You can watch the full movie on You Tube.

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