Call Me Brother (2018)

Lisa (Christina Parrish, who wrote the script) and Tony (Andrew Dismukes, who is a writer on Saturday Night Live) are siblings who have been separated for years. Now, they’ve been brought back together for a summer weekend where they discover that the feelings they have for one another are more than just because they’re family.

You know, I’ve said it before — so much of the horror fiction of the 1970’s was incestual in nature. And for some weird reason, this trend — and yes, I realize that it’s been a thing since 1980’s Taboo — is a big deal in adult films. But can it work in a romantic comedy?

Our heroes haven’t seen one another since they were young children. Lisa went to live with her mother and Tony grew up with their father,who has since remarried and is in a very sexual marriage. Now that their mother is about to be remarried as well, Lisa is brought back into the life of her brother.

Honestly, this movie could have been a prurient mess, but this is a really funny movie, punctuated with tons of profane language and acts, yet it has its perverted little heart in the right place. If you can get your mind around the idea that the two main characters are destined to be together without getting nauseated, then you understand the type of funny this is aiming for.

Can a movie be both charming and upsetting? Somehow, this covers both. Despite moments of cringe, it has a heart that pushes through and makes you want to root for its characters (even when they’re pooping in a tub while another couple makes out feet away).

This is the first film for director David Howe, who does a great job keeping the story moving while giving it an interesting visual style.

You can see this movie in the following drive-ins, theaters and virtual cinemas:

  • Los Angeles/New York/San Fran/Chicago/Atlanta/Detroit and more – LAEMMLE THEATERS VIRTUAL
  • Texas/Austin – BLUELITE STARLITE DRIVE-IN (with sneaks on November 5)
  • Texas/Austin – GALAXY HIGHLAND-10 Theater
  • Texas/Austin – VIOLET CROWN
  • Louisana/New Orleans – THE BROAD THEATER
  • Mississippi/Oxford – Oxford Film Fest (VIRTUAL RELEASE)
  • Texas/Austin : AUSTIN FILM SOCIETY CINEMA (from 11/13)

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