SLASHER MONTH: Watch Me Die (2014)

Spoiler warning: I hate found footage movies. I see them as flimsy excuses to either put handcuffs on a production or a cheap way to cut costs. It rarely, if ever, works for me and I’m often bored within minutes. Why shoehorn yourself into one way to tell the story when cinema offers so many other ways? Ah well, I realize I’m writing a losing battle.

Watch Me Die was once called Murder Death Kill. It’s been released by our friends at Wild Eye as part of their Wild Eye Extreme line (and they were kind enough to send it to us).

A killer named The Surveyor spends most of the movie taping the murders of gorgeous young women he’s hired to make adult movies. However, he just might be the main character in someone else’s film.

Thomas Banuelos wrote, directed and stars in this. If you’re into a movie where a dude makes women drink wine glasses full of drain cleaner, I can’t stop you. I might not invite you over for dinner, but I can’t stop you.

I mean, long scenes of murder and torture with no story to really tie them together is less my jam than even found footage. But hey, different strokes, I guess. Probably literally.

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