Remake Remix Rip-Off (2014)

As you may have learned from this week of films, Turkey is one of the biggest producers of pop culture in the world, despite a film industry that still has no budget, huge demand and little to no training. To keep up, often screenwriters and directors began creating cover versions of movies and characters from all over the world.

Creator Cem Kaya grew up with Yeşilçam movies from Turkish video stores in Germany. Over seven years of making this movie, he would meet with the directors, producers and actors who created these astounding films.


There’s a great moment here when one of the most successful Turkish TV producers looks back fondly at the past, sharing how much content they must crank out and how burned out the people making it are. The Yeşilçam movies of the past seem more filled with joy than the constant need to deliver more and more fuel for the furnace of a fickle public.

As you can tell from this week of films, we have a special feeling for the cinema of Turkey. This movie is a perfect introduction to what makes these movies just so strange and special. The personal touches that Cem adds to the film make it that much better. This is a perfect primer or refresher or reminder, no matter where your knowledge of these films lies.

You can learn more at the movie’s official site.

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