Licántropo (1996)

Following his near-fatal heart attack in 1991, Paul Naschy made this werewolf film in an attempt at a comeback, but it was poorly distributed and received bad reviews. He’s still playing the cursed Waldemar Daninsky, who is still a werewolf but growing old. Only the love of a pure woman can end his curse. Until then, he’s going to keep killing everyone he can. But now, a serial killer is competing with him for victims.

This film doesn’t score as well with lovers of these films. Perhaps because it’s talky. It doesn’t have much gore. Because it’s a morality story. Or probably because the werewolf doesn’t show up for a long time while female scientists and ghosts talk and talk and Naschy has heart issues.

However, just when I was ready to check out, there’s a scene where a crazy dubbed voice starts making evil phone calls and I was all in.

Sure, it’s a somewhat sanitzied Naschy film with strange bluesy soundtrack choices. It’s still better than watching what passes for the news.

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