Django, Prepare a Coffin (1968)

Ferdinando Baldi is a decent Italian Western director. I enjoyed what he did with Tony Anthony across several movies, including the wild 3D movies Comin’ At Ya! and Treasure of the Four Crowns. Here, he’s throwing his hat into the Django ring to make another movie that kind of, sort of has something to do with the seminal Western hero.

That said, this is a semi-official, legitimate follow-up, as it was originally intended to star Franco Nero and it was co-written by Django co-writer Franco Rossett.

Django is wounded while his wife is killed as the gold transport that he has been hired to watch over is assaulted by David Barry (Horst Frank, The Cat o’ Nine Tails), a man who he thought was his friend.

Our hero has a great plan by pretending to be dead and becoming the hangman of the town. He saves all of the victims of Barry and organizes them as a gang of dead men, but Garcia, one of the first men he saved, screws it all up when he kills Django’s army of bad guys and goes for the gold himself.

Even when Django is lured to the graveyard where his empty grave is and forced to dig it back up so Barry and his men can kill him, I thought that this was it. Then I forgot what was inside Django’s coffin — that machine gun.

Eagle-eyed B&S About Movies readers will have already spotted George Eastman in this film, his third Django movie that he made within the first two years of his acting career.

Following the success of the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films in the mid 70’s, this was re-released with a comedic soundtrack. And in France, it was redubbed as a Trinity film. I have no idea how they made this funny, because it’s a pretty dark film.

If you listen to the soundtrack and wonder, “Where have I heard this before?” that’s because the song “Last Man Standing” was sampled by Danger Mouse for the Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy.”

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