Single Room Furnished (1966)

Italian directors used to change their name to Americanized names so that people wouldn’t think their movies were Italian. Matt Cimber? He used the name Matteo Ottaviano when he directed this.

This was Jayne Mansfield’s final filmed starring role, shot by Cimber, her thrid and final husband. It briefly came out in 1966, but was pulled from theaters and re-released a year after she died. The only other film that she technically did after this was a cameo role in A Guide for the Married Man.

Mansfield shines here, despite the darkness of the story, as she plays three roles of three women who may closer than you’d think. It starts with innocence and ends with prostitution, all within one rundown New York City tenement.

I love that this movie begins with a speech from Walter Winchell, packed with hyperbole, as he describes how this is the gift that Jayne left behind for us. Between the Crown International Pictures title card and this soliloquy, I was already in love with this movie before it even began.

You can watch this on Daily Motion.

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