Deany Bean is Dead (2018)

Deanna Locke (Allison Marie Volk, who also wrote and produced this) has lost her fiancee and is dealing with a boss who abuses her. She feels like no one loves her, so she ends up offing her boss and showing up at her ex’s engagement party with the body in the trunk in an effort to win him back. After all, her goal was originally to bury that boss in the yard. Whatever happens next, well…that’s up to the whims of destiny.

Of course, Maxine isn’t all that dead. And the podcasts in our heroine’s brain aren’t helping her at all. This is a surprising film filled with humor and some good emotion, too. Mikael Kreuzriegler shows skill as a director and Volk has delivered an interesting script.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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