High School Hellcats (1958)

In October 1958, at an American-International Pictures luncheon for the Theaters Owners Association of America, producer Jerry Wald said that movies like High School Hellcats were “not the type of picture on which we can build the market of the future. While they may make a few dollars today, they will destroy us tomorrow.” Producer James H. Nicholson responded by stating “I’d rather take my children to see these pictures than God’s Little Acre.”

I mean, what movie would I be watching now if he was right?

Maybe he can explain how the star of this movie, Yvonne Lime, went on to co-found Childhelp and be nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This whole thing is a proto-Mean Girls, except Bret Halsey — yes, the same dude from several Fulci films — is the male lead.

Everything is going well until a game of Sardines leads to a young girl dead. Ah, these High School Hellcats!

For a movie that was banned by PTA groups, it all seems rather safe today. This was released along with Hot Rod Gang, which I’m sure upset them further. It was directed by Edward Bernds, who brought us The New Three Stooges show in the 60’s, as well as Queen of Outer SpaceReform School Girl and The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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