Dangerous Youth (1957)

A British rock and roll movie? Sure, why not. Tough gang leader and wannabee rock star Dave Wyman (“Mr. Moonlight” Frankie Vaughan) escapes the Liverpool slums — five years before The Beatles would release “Love Me Do” — for military service. Somehow, someway, it turns out that the army life is the life for him. But we wouldn’t have a movie if things didn’t take a turn.

The camp bully kills Dave’s best friend, which means that according to the law of the street, Dave needs to take revenge. He’s also in love with his singing partner, which complicates his need for vengeance.

Look for Hammer star Michael Ripper, as well as David McCallum in his first role. But yeah, for a week of movies all about music, this barely qualifies. You have my apologies.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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