Confessions of a Pop Performer (1975)

Part of the four-part series of British Confessions sex farces, this installment focuses on Timothy Lea (Robin Askwith, Four Dimensions of Greta), who is trying to make it in the world of pop music as he joins the band Kipper while remaining a window washer.

Seriously — this movie is a Benny Hill-ish romp that I don’t think would play well with today’s audiences. You can guess how much I enjoyed it.

Keep an eye out for appearances by future Darth Vader David Prowse, Rula Lenska (Queen Kong), Benny Hill girl Helli Louise, Rita Webb (Frenzy), Richard Warwick (If….), Benny Hill and Spike Milligan straight man Bib Todd and a fake band called The Climax Sisters.

This was the only movie in the series to get a sound track record on Polydor, featuring songs from the first movie, Confessions of a Window Washer, as well as dialogue. It’s also the only original script not based on one of Christopher Wood’s books.

This movie tied another movie for Worst British Film of 1975 by Sight & Sound. That movie? The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There was also a paperback, which has a great cover.

Norman Cohen took over for the first film’s director Val Guest (The Quatermass Xperiment ) after Guest’s wife wouldn’t let him on set with all the near-nude women. Cohen was a great pick, as he’d already worked on two mondos, The London Nobody Knows and London In the Raw.

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