Daddy-O (1958)

Things were really swining in 1958, if Daddy-O has anything to say about things. And John Williams. Yes, the same man who scored Star Wars got his humble beginnings right here in a movie about street racing and singing under the assumed name Daddy-O.

It starts Dick Contino, who at one time was known as the world’s greatest accordion player and ended up becoming a fictional character in the books of James Elroy. No, really.

I can get why my parents worried about my music, because Venom outright told their fans that when they meant “At War with Satan,” the with meant alongside. “Rock Candy Baby,” featured in this film, seems a song that no parent should ever worry about. Ever.

Anyways, back to Dick the accordion player, who is a singing and car racing man who gets beaten easily by a tough girl played by Sandra Giles, who was discovered at Canter’s Deli and went the whole way from Hooker (as in Hooker, Oklahoma) to movie star, to quote an article about her in Life Magazine.

Bruno VeSota, who went on to direct The Brain Eaters, is also in this.

The verdict? Not enough rock. Too much crime. But hey, Sandra Giles should have been in every movie ever and been allowed to beat any man she wanted to in any car race.

Released on a double bill with Roadracers, you can spot a poster for this movie at Jack Rabbit Slims. And the aformentioned Elroy wrote a fictionalized narrative of the making of this movie, Dick Contino’s Blues

You can watch this on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

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