Stealing Candy (2003)

Mark Lester directing a kinda sorta giallo about three cons who kidnap a famous Hollywood actress known for refusing to do nude scenes and force her to have sex on camera for a pay-per-view website, which earns them about $14 million dollars with just an hour’s notice and no social media to sell it. 2003 was an amazing time to be alive, let me tell you.

Are you into that? What if I told you that Daniel Baldwin was one of the bad guys? No? Alex McArthur, the guy who was Madonna’s baby daddy in the “Papa Don’t Preach” video? No? How about Coolio? Yes, now you’re interested. Evil Coolio, threatening our heroine and being incredibly touchy. Yes, now you want to see this.

Jenya Lano does a fine job as said female protagonist. And hey, is that Paul Provenza? Man, where did he go?

The main reason to watch this movie is for the Coolio song “The Party” on the soundtrack, which literally asks God if he’s down with the party. Good news. The Divine Creator is with it.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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