El Hombre Sin Rostro (1950)

Juan Carlos isn’t a great hero. He’s been infantilized by his mother and is going through therapy, which would probably a novel idea in the macho culture of Mexico, much less today. In his dreams, he can see the serial killer that has been haunting the city, quite literally The Man Without A Face that the title refers to.

A decade later, Hitchcock’s Psycho would feature a plot with similar beats to this film. In much the same way, another of director Juan Bustillo Oro’s films, Dos Monjes, predated Kurosawa’s Rashomon and features the same narrative idea of showing the same event from divergent points of view.t also features a faceless killer 14 years before Mario Bava would bring Blood and Black Lace to the screen (that said, The Blank started appearing in the Dick Tracy newspaper strip in 1937 and probably influenced the look of this film as well).

While not the fastest-paced movie you’ll ever see, this film is worth watching for its mix of three decades before David Lynch surrealism, German expressionism fog and angles, and a film noir storyline moved to Mexico. There’s not another movie that looks and feels like this one.

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