Dr. Satan y la Magia Negra (1968)

How can you make the star of Dr. Satan even better the second time around? Well, you can make him closer to Danger: Diabolik to start. And then, you can put him up against a vampiric black magician from China named Yei Lin (Noe Murayama, the son of a Japanese dentist who moved to Mexico and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps). Oh yeah. You can also have Satan himself show up.

Dr. Satan starts this one off by killing two women, Medusa and Erata, then damning their souls to Hell by asking them to serve him and sleep alongside him in coffins. Of course they say yes.

This movie series didn’t just go from black and white to color. It leaped there, blasting your eyes with neon tones that Mario Bava would tell them to mute a little. It’s like Hammer meets pop art meets, well, Mexican horror films.

Bad guys that turn into bats and get mad when tea cermonies are ruined and when they bite into zombie women? Labs full of boiling flasks and more smoke than a Sleep concert? Satan himself cutting promos? This movie is everything you ever wanted and more. Who says it has to make sense?

You can watch this on YouTube.

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