Deep Sleep (2013)

After murdering his latest female victim, a killer is blackmailed with mysterious envelopes filled with evidence of all of his kills. However, as we hear no dialogue and only see things from the killer’s point of view, we are forced to be part of his crimes.

Directed, written and scored by Luciano Onetti and produced by Nicolas Onetti, this movie is the start of their giallo tribute films. Each one has grown in ability and style, but even at the beginning, with the handcuffs of an incredibly simple story, a first person camera and a slavish devotion to Argento, this is well above any of the spate of giallo-influenced films of this century.

Even the blood looks like it came out of an Argento film. That’s how far this goes. So, you know, if you hated Deep Red, there’s no way that you’ll like this.

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