The Ladies Man (2000)

Reginald Hudlin directed and wrote House Party, wrote Bebe’s Kids and was even a roach in Joe’s Apartment. This seems like the perfect training to be the director of an SNL movie, this time starring Tim Meadows as Leon Phelps, who up until now we only knew as the host of the radio show “The Ladies Man.”

Our hero comes up against the VSA, or the Victims of the Smiling Ass, the husbands and boyfriends of the women who have cheated on them with Leon. Can he find true love? Will he get his job back? Is that really Julianne Moore in this movie?

For some reason, I’ve watched this movie many more times than once. It’s just one of those films that seem to be perfect for when you can’t get off the couch and have no interest in turning off the TV.

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