Accommodations (2018)

Edie Somner (Kat Foster) is married with children yet on the edge of divorce and dealing with the ups and downs of her husband’s career when she decides to stop accommodating everyone else and bring some type of meaning to ger life. That’s the story behind the first movie from writer, director and producer Amy Miller Gross.

The need for Edie to get more out of her life may be lost on me, as I’ve never made $275,000 a year, much less run up a decorating bill like that. As a result, her issues — she never gets to write what she wants and gives up so much of her life to everyone else — is lost on me. Wake up at 3 AM and write about movies all night like I do, I guess.

I really shouldn’t put my mindset into this film. So how about this: there are some pretty funny moments in this film, including a scene where the AirBNB guests that the Somners have staying in their home are staging a large orgy when Edie comes home blasted on NYC’s finest cannabis and her husband does Molly with his potential new boss.

Larisa Oleynik (10 Things I Hate About YouThe Secret World of Alex MagicThe Baby-Sitters Club) is in this, as is Mark Linn-Baker (yes, Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers).

If you know want to know what it was like to be rich and dealing with issues in New York before the tribulations of 2020, this movie has you covered.

Accommodations is now streaming Amazon, Fandango Now, GooglePlay, iTunes and MovieSpree.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR company. That has no bearing on this review.

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