The Other Guys (2010)

Between AnchormanStepbrothers and The Campaign, Adam McKay has made plenty of funny films with Will Ferrell, who stars in this with Mark Wahlberg. Points for Samuel Jackson and Dwayne Johnson playing against type here in a movie where two desk cops learn how to be the kind of supercops you only see on TV.

Allen Gamble and Terry “Yankee Clipper” Hoitz — called because he shot Derek Jeter and cost the team the World Series — are up against the villainous Sir David Ershon (Steve Coogan) in this one. It’s very much a hijinks ensue type of film, but I really enjoyed Michael Keaton as their Captain, Eva Mendes as Allen’s wife and Ice-T as the narrator.

Wrestling fans will be happy to know that Billy Gunn and Road Dogg show up, too.

I had fun with this one, as it’s written and edited really well. Your enjoyment of it depends on how much you like the leads, but it got a lot of laughs here.

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