Superargo and the Faceless Giants (1968)

Probably shot around the same time as The Devil’s ManSuperargo and the Faceless Giants is considered an inferior sequel to  Superargo Versus Diabolicus, which while ridiculous is also a lot of fun. It’s hard to classify these movies — are they wrestling movies? Superhero films? Eurospy? Complete messes?

This is the kind of movie I watch in the middle of the night and Becca is awake for some of it. She’ll tell me in the morning, “Whatever you were watching while I was asleep? It was horrible. Just horrible.”

Ken Wood — one time double of Steve Reeves and known in Italy by his real name Giovanni Cianfriglia — plays Superargo, a superheroic masked wrestler. He goes up against Professor Wendland Wond, who is played by Guy Madison in a rare villain role.

Diana Lorys (Agent 36-22-36 from Operation Thunderbolt) and Sergio Leone henchman Aldo Sambrell are also on hand. He’s playing an Eastern mystic named Kamir who is Superargo’s sidekick.

The plot here is that the world’s greatest athletes are being brainwashed to rob banks. What a strange scheme, when obviously there have to be better bank robbers already trained and ready to do these things.

You have some choices when you choose to watch this. Amazon Prime has the original film and the Rifftrax version. I’d go for the latter just so you can make it through this movie.

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