Barb Wire (1996)

I kind of love that Barb Wire has basically the same story as Casablanca — Roger Ebert pointed that out — yet Ingrid Bergman didn’t show off her nipples on stage at Rick’s before the credits even started to roll.

This movie was made in one of the many races to get comic books on screen. This was based on a Dark Horse comic that honestly, not many people knew about. That doesn’t keep it from being a great idea for a movie, but this film is…well…it’s a glorious mess.

Barb Wire (Pamela Anderson) owns the Hammerhead, a nightclub in Steel Harbor. As part of “the last free city” in a United States ravaged by another civil war, she tries to keep men from hitting on her when he isn’t working as a bounty hunter.

Is it horrible? Yeah, it’s pretty bad. It is, however, not the worst movie that Victoria Rowell was ever in. After all, she made her debut in Leonard Part 6.

I’m of the mind that if a movie has Udo Keir and Steve Railsback in it, it can’t be all horrible. This movie tests that theory, but it still holds. Throw in Clint Howard and things aren’t all bad.

Director David Hogan — who spent most of his directing on music videos — was brought in to replace Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City).

Yes, 1996. A time when Pam Anderson was a big enough star to open a fim and every comic book became a movie. It was a wonderful time.

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