James Batman (1966)

Imagine: A Filipino James Bond and Batman hybrid starring their King of Comedy. It’s 100% true — starring Dolphy, who from 1965-1966 made several James Bond spoofs including Dolpinger, Genghis Bond: Agent 1-2-3, Dr. YesOperation ButterballDressed to KillDolpinger Meets Pantarorong, Dolpinger: Agent sa lagim and even a Man from U.N.C.L.E. parody, Napoleon Doble and the Sexy Six

Boy Alano is his Ruben as they battle CLAW in the face of nuclear armageddon. Of course, Batman and James Bond don’t get along, despite being played by the same actor.

There’s also Alyas Batman at Robin, a ripoff of Batman made around the same time that was remade in 1989 but earned the ire of Warner Brothers, sitting for two years until lawsuits could be settled. Bob Soler, who played Batman in the 1965 version also played a fake version of Lee Falk’s The Phantom, Captain Philippines and the Shazam/Superman/Captain America hybrid Captain Barbell.

There’s also the 1965 film Batman Fights Dracula and the 70’s brought us Fight Batman FIght! where Batman literally goes to hell to kick Satan’s ass.

You can get this movie right here, download it from the Internet Archive or watch it on YouTube:

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