Stoney (1969)

Also known as The Surabaya Conspiracy, Stoney stars Barbara Bouchet as Irene Stone, who has a plan to recover treasure hidden in a vault under a rich man’s swimming pool.

Director Wray Davis’ only film, this movie makes little to no sense. Seriously, I’m someone who can make it through nearly any foreign post-apocalyptic or slasher film and even I had issues with this one.

Michael Preston (Road Warrior) is in this, as is Michael Rennie (Klaatu from The Day the Earth Stood Still), Richard Jaeckel and Vic Diaz (Beyond AtlantisThe Big Bird Cage and so many other Filipino movies).

I really wanted to like this more than I did. But there we have it — even a movie with Barbara Bouchet running around nearly nude can be boring.

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube:

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