Virus of the Dead (2018)

Yes, that’s what we need right now. A movie about a virus that is destroying the entire world! Virus of the Dead is a zombie horror anthology that uses found footage style action to tell about what happens after a zombie virus goes through America.

If you’re ready to, well, forget about being quarantined and watch a movie about it, then…I guess this is the movie for you.

There are plenty of different talents working on this, including James Cullen Bressack (If Looks Could Kill), Shane Ryan (Samurai Cop 2), Timo Rose (Game Over), Jarrett Furst (Verotika) and Return of the Living Dead 3 scripter John Penney. It was put together by producer Tony Newton (VHS Lives, Grindsploitation).

The majority of the stories are held together by the fact that people just can’t put their phones or get off social media, even when the world is ending all around them. I’m sure you can relate.

You can learn more at the official Facebook page and website for the film.

Want. to buy Virus of the Dead? It’s available here.

DISCLAIMER: This movie was sent to us by Wild Eye.

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