Death on the Fourposter (1964)

Also known as Sexy Party and Crime in the Mirror, this early giallo — well, it’s a mystery film with some sexual elements and style — is all about Ricky inviting his friends over for a weekend party at his parent’s castle. Because you know — all of our parents have castles.

Leave it to Serena and Anthony (John Drew Barrymore, War of the Zombies and father of Drew) to take over the party — seriously, the interrupt the movie with a dance break — and a game called shattering illusions that put everyone at odds with one another. Then, Anthony goes into a trance and predicts how everyone will die before he goes insane and runs from the castle.

One of these people is the killer. And while you figure out who that is, there’s all manner of relationships and perversion — well, as much as you can show in a movie from 1964 — to get on the table. And oh yeah — Maria Pia Conte from The Arena — is in here, as is Michael Lemoine, who went from being in movies for Jess Franco to making his own films, like Seven Women for Satan and eventually out and out hardcore pornography by the 1980’s.

There’s also a dice game where people lose their girlfriends to other guys. Man, Italy in the 60’s was way swinging in more ways that just fashion and music. This came out a year after The Girl Who Knew Too Much, so don’t expect the way giallo works in the 70’s, but you’ll still find something to enjoy here.

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime or just check it out on the YouTube link below.

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