The Amityville Asylum (2013)

Andrew Jones is best known for his series of films about Robert the Doll, as well as producing remakes and reimaginings of films, like Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection and Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming.

Knowing what we know about the direct-to-video and streaming history of the Amityville films post-2005 — and we can also include the Canadian direct-to-video films as they have only minor ties to the original film — it was amazing that it took so long for Jones to make an Amityville-themed movie.

Lisa Templeton has started a new career at High Hopes Hospital — nice tie to the sign in the yard of the DeFeo family — but she soon learns that the issues of the facilities go beyond the paranoid ramblings of the patients and the strange staff that serves them. You know — there’s something supernatural going on, because we’re in Amityville, a town packed with cursed lamps, lumber, furniture and even stuffed monkeys.

Eileen Daly is in this film as well. She started Redemption Films with her then-boyfriend Nigel Wingrove and was even in their logo as Redemption’s Dark Angel.

Despite being set in Amityville, there’s little to no mention of Ronald DeFeo. That’s because the actor set to play him was turned away at immigration due to a screwed up work visa. The other inmates of the asylum are based on real people, such as Sadie Krenwinkel being a mix of Manson Family members Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel as well as Dennis Palmer being based on British criminal Robert Maudsley.

What’s even better than a movie being called The Amityville Asylum being made despite there not being an asylum in the actual town? In Germany, this movie was released as The Nesting 2: Amityville Asylum, as The Nesting had just been successfully re-released in that country.

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