Marla (2018)

Marla is the frightening story of a woman (Lisa van-dam Bates, who also does special effects and makeup on other movies) who gets an IUD implanted by a family friend turned doctor — not a great idea, huh? — who then commits a deranged act, which has deadly implications for those close to her.

I kind of love that Becca walked in during a sex scene in this film where the killer IUD ended up murdering Marla’s boyfriend Jake. I mean, it sprayed blood all over the place and pretty much tore him to bits. She said, “What are you watching?” And then she sat and watched much of the rest of the film in between kissing our dog Cubby. She misses most of the exploding men and wall to wall blood.

Jason Strange, who plays the doctor who inserts the IUD, has a story that might be more insane than this mocie. He was a fugitive during filming, having walked away from the halfway house which he was living in on probation for a 2006 armed robbery. Shortly after filming ended, a local newspaper ran a story about the film with photos of Strange on set. U.S. Marshalls saw that article and shortly afterward, they arrested him.

Marla is available on demand and on DVD from High Octane Pictures. You can learn more on the film’s official Facebook page.

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