Incredible Violence (2018)

G. Patrick Condon (Stephen Oates, Netflix’s Frontier) is a filmmaker who has taken money from loan sharks and drank it all away. Now, he owes them a horror movie and can’t afford the special effects, so he’s just going to kill the cast and crew.

Grace has always dreamed of being a famous actress and will do anything to get there. Her first big break is Condon’s film, but she soon learns that she can’t leave the set and will be recorded around the clock. And oh yeah, killed on film.

Incredible Violence is the first movie by G. Patrick Condon — yes, the same name as the character. Just like the movie you’re watching as it is being filmed, cast and crew were not told what scenes were being shot and when until right before shooting, which happened continuously over a two-week period. 

Just like Incredible Violence, the actors agreed to be locked inside the house for the entire filing of the movie and were only allowed to leave when their characters were killed. Well, trust me, they get killed left and right, as this is an incredibly bloody film. I’d say it’s amazing that the characters stuck around for the entire filming, but then again, isn’t that what happened for real? What happens when the director stops making decisions and the cameras keep rolling?

Incredible Violence lives up to its name while standing out from so many of the “me too” slashers that have clogged up streaming services and the shelves at WalMart.

Check it out. It’s now available on all streaming services and cable on demand.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR company.